Write: What James Baldwin means to you?

I’m Not Your Negro is a profound documentary and I don’t use that word lightly. The experience of this film will be diverse. What you feel depends on who you are; where you come from; and the closeness of Baldwin’s words to your lived experience.  There also needs to be a willingness to see the world; particularly the Western world; anew.

With support and access given by Baldwin’s family Raoul Peck worked on a documentary for several years. However, Peck hadn’t found a structure until Baldwin’s sister Gloria gave him 30 pages of letters called “Notes Toward Remember this House”.  With this gift, Peck finally visualize the form of I’m Not Your Negro.


‘A book that was never written! That’s the story.  And what characters! Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther Kings Jr.’  Raoul Peck

For his ambitious documentary, Peck combined Baldwin’s unfinished book with video archives music and cinema…

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Axioms for a Dark Ontology

Larval Subjects .

  1. mimagesThere is no meaning to existence or anything in the universe.  Life is an accident and has no divine significance (though it’s obviously important to the living).
  2. Nonetheless, many living beings give meaning to the universe.  It’s just not inscribed in the things themselves.
  3. All life will pass away and be erased.  Our sun, for example, will eventually expand and devour all life and culture in a fiery end.  It’s unlikely that inter-stellar travel will ever be realistic or possible given the vast distances of space, so all sentient life and artifacts of culture will be gone when this happens.
  4. There is no afterlife in any meaningful sense (yes worms will use our corpses as food to continue their life but that’s not me).  When you’re dead you’re dead and that’s it (though maybe the trans-humanists are right and we’ll develop computer technologies capable of uploading selves and thereby…

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